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Property Evaluation

There are many reasons you may want to know the value of your property such as divorce, contemplating refinancing, life style change, wanting to sell your property without listing it with a broker, or just out of curiosity. If you had an appraisal or a market analysis done more than a year ago chances are the value has changed.

We have acquired the expertise and knowledge over the years of how to effectively perform an accurate market analysis of horse & general farms & back yard horse properties. Real estate agents who do not handle equestrian properties on a regular basis do not have the expertise to provide you with an accurate evaluation.

Our fees are a fraction of the cost of an appraisal. If your situation however requires an appraisal performed by a certified appraiser we may be able to provide you with a name of an appraiser in your area who is versed in farm type properties.

Our fees

$185 – market evaluation (without visit to subject)

*$285 + market evaluation w/ visit to property (surcharge for 60+ miles) *$285 is starting price – will depend on size & complexity of property

You will receive an in-depth analysis as well as statistics about your area to back up our evaluation.

If you list your property with us within 2 years after an evaluation we will reimburse you at settlement for the fee.

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